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"Dance at Brigham Young University is intended to reflect the culture from which it springs."
- Dee Winterton, 1981
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Dress Code Expectation

The Brigham Young University Department of Dance Dress Code Philosophy is based on conservative, functional, and professional standards for on and off-campus coursework, activities, and endeavors.

All BYU Department of Dance students and faculty are expected to wear dance class attire that is:

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Minimum Standards:

• no bare midriff
• no strapless shoulders
• no French cut/high cut leotards
• no low cut neck lines
• no excessively low backs

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Representing our missions with excellence and class

  • Genre/style appropriate
  • Clean & mended
  • Cover-ups to be worn outside studios
  • Footwear complies with studio standards
  • Attire helps the dancer feel, look, and move like a professional
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Contemporary Dance Addendums:

  • Form fitting attire is preferred and necessary for clear feedback and evaluation • Clothing should be adaptable for multiple class activities
    • Layers and options that could cover legs or shoulders for floorwork are encouraged
  • Clothing should be functional and not limit movement
  • Be mindful if clothing articles shift while moving and become revealing • Under clothing should be covered appropriately
  • Knee pads are recommended

Download or print the Department of Dance dress code expectations here.

Additional Professional Expectation:
We expect all students to consistently use designated changing areas only.

After-Hours Studio Usage

Open Studios

Several studios in the Richards Building are available for student use on a first come, first served basis when not in use for scheduled classes or events (The schedule posted outside each studio indicates classes that are scheduled there). These studios cannot be scheduled by students or faculty. Since they are not scheduled, students using these studios must allow other students to use the studio simultaneously: Access will remain open to any student enrolled in dance classes who wishes to use a studio for choreography class assignments and/or other major coursework assignments. Students agree to abide by all rules for studio care. Failure to comply will result in loss of all studio use privileges.

Open studios include:

  • 158 Shoes allowed - Percussive dance studio
  • 177 Shoes allowed - Multi-use studio - (this studio is not controlled by the Dance

department - please yield to other groups who may have it scheduled after hours)

  • 1137 Shoes allowed - Multi-use studio
  • 270 Shoes allowed - Ballroom Dance studio
  • 2206 Shoes allowed - Ballroom studio

Scheduled Studios

There are several studios that can be scheduled by dance major students to fulfill choreography coursework assignments. These studios (with the exception of 185/187 RB) require activation of swipe access on your student ID card. Teachers of choreography courses may schedule rehearsals in half-hour to one-hour blocks for choreography students, beginning the 2nd week of each semester, according to the following protocols:

  1. Students must complete an online form prior to teacher scheduling.
  2. Scheduled rehearsals are for one week only. Ongoing rehearsals must be approved by the course instructor.
  3. Students agree to abide by all rules for studio care (see below).
  4. Student ID swipe card access will be deactivated at the end of every semester.

Studios that are available for scheduling include:

  • 162 Contemporary studio - No shoes allowed: bare feet, socks or ballet slippers only.
  • 164 Multi-use studio - Shoes allowed.
  • 185 Contemporary studio - No shoes allowed: bare feet or socks only
  • 187 Contemporary studio - Bare feet, socks, ballet slippers or soft-soled dance shoes allowed. No clogs or taps.
  • 278 World Dance studio: Shoes allowed.
  • 283 Ballet studio: Only soft ballet and pointe shoes allowed, no bare feet, no socks.
  • 281D Ballet studio: Only soft ballet and pointe shoes allowed, no bare feet/no socks.

Studio Care

Failure to abide by any of the following protocols will result in having studio access revoked.

a. Be courteous of other dancers who may need to share unscheduled spaces (158, 177, 1137, 270, 2206). These are open rehearsal spaces, available for use by all students enrolled in choreography and other dance courses who may need access.

b. Do not prop doors open or make studios available for use by unauthorized students, groups, or members of the community-at-large. If you are locked out, you will forfeit access to the studio.

c. Honor designations for studios that require bare feet, socks, and/or ballet slippers or pointe shoes only.

d. Leave each studio as you found it, or cleaner than you found it: If you use chairs, benches, props, tables, white board, blackboard, foam rollers, sound system or any other item during your rehearsal, please return all items to their proper place. Pick up discarded papers, wrappers, chalk, etc. and check for clothing, books or other personal items before exiting the studio.

e. Foam rollers, balls and other equipment are for use only in designated studios. Removing them from their designated studios or from the Richards Building is prohibited.

f. Treat sound systems with respect and care. Do not turn the volume too high.

Professionalism Policy