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"Dance at Brigham Young University is intended to reflect the culture from which it springs."
- Dee Winterton, 1981
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Dress Code Expectation

The Brigham Young University Department of Dance Dress Code Philosophy is based on conservative, functional, and professional standards for on and off-campus coursework, activities, and endeavors.

All BYU Department of Dance students and faculty are expected to wear dance class attire that is:

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Minimum Standards:

• no bare midriff
• no strapless shoulders
• no French cut/high cut leotards
• no low cut neck lines
• no excessively low backs

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Representing our missions with excellence and class

  • Genre/style appropriate
  • Clean & mended
  • Cover-ups to be worn outside studios
  • Footwear complies with studio standards
  • Attire helps the dancer feel, look, and move like a professional
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Contemporary Dance Addendums:

  • Form fitting attire is preferred and necessary for clear feedback and evaluation • Clothing should be adaptable for multiple class activities
    • Layers and options that could cover legs or shoulders for floorwork are encouraged
  • Clothing should be functional and not limit movement
  • Be mindful if clothing articles shift while moving and become revealing • Under clothing should be covered appropriately
  • Knee pads are recommended

Download or print the Department of Dance dress code expectations here.

Additional Professional Expectation:
We expect all students to consistently use designated changing areas only.

Professionalism Policy

click here to access the professionalism policy document