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Off-Campus Learning


Study Abroad

Students are actively immersed in the European culture and presented rich study content in Contemporary Dance Technique, Choreography, Current Trends, and Global Social Justice in cities such as Vienna, Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Prague. Students participate in dance workshops by international experts at prestigious conservatories and festivals throughout Europe such as Berlin’s B-12, Tanzfabrik, and the largest contemporary dance festival in the world, Impulstanz. Students visit historic and culturally important world sites as well as create site-specific choreographic works in their surroundings. The Study Abroad takes place every 3 years and fulfills 6 course credits.

For more information, please contact the International Studies Program office at the Kennedy Center for International Studies and the Department of Dance.
(801) 422-3377


Internships are amazing opportunities to gain real life experience from industry professionals. The dance department does not actively seek out internship possibilities for our students. However, students who find opportunities to participate in dance-related experiences may receive departmental funding and college credit.If you have an opportunity you think might qualify, please contact your major advisor to seek approval. If the experience is approved, you will work with your advisor to create a course syllabus with specific learning outcomes. Students must register for Dance 399 prior to the experience to receive internship credit.

To sign up for the course, please follow the steps below:

1. After consultation with your faculty advisor, email with the number of credits you will take for the class. He needs that information to approve your application. (BYU requires 42 hours of work for each credit taken).

2. Go to myBYU and sign in.

3. Enter intern01 in the Quick URL box.

4. Fill out the application (Dance 399R) and submit it

Once you have fully completed this process, your application will be sent to the department internship coordinator (Brent Keck) and to the Internship Office for approval. When it is approved, you will be notified by email that you may sign up for the class. At the conclusion of the semester, the on-site supervisor and your faculty advisor will evaluate your performance and consult with the coordinator who will assign you a grade for the course. Two evaluative response papers will also be due at the conclusion of the internship. These should be submitted via Learning Suite.

For more information on internships, please visit the internship website or contact your department’s faculty

Performance Tours

Throughout the last 50 years, BYU Touring Companies have traveled thousands of miles, visited over 70 countries and met millions of new friends who long remember the groups’ performances, workshops, and community engagements. The Ballroom Dance Company, Contemporary Dance Theatre, International Folk Dance Ensemble, Living Legends, Theatre Ballet, and Young Ambassadors have captured the hearts of young and old through half a century of tours. The student stage performers and technicians who comprise these companies not only experience various cultures, peoples, and places, but their education is informed and enhanced leading to an educational highlight.

Conference Attendance

Undergraduate students regularly attend professional conferences to stay current with best practices and groundbreaking research. Conferences are excellent ways to network with distinguished professionals, ignite research inquiries, and establish connections for future employment and educational pursuits. The BYU Department of Dance generously supports faculty and students when they attend regional, national, and international professional conferences. Furthermore, the department encourages the opportunities for concentrated, immersive studies that contribute the rigor and standards of a BYU education. Some noteworthy conferences that students have recently attended include the American College Dance Association at Gonzaga University 2020, National Dance Education Organization in Florida 2019, ‘dance and the Child International’ in Australia 2018.