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Dance Medicine Scheduling

Dance Medicine and Wellness Facility

The Dance Medicine and Wellness Facility is available to all dance majors, MDT majors and members of specific performing ensembles. It is staffed by three certified athletic trainers and two to five athletic training student interns. The staff is committed to providing the best care for dancers’ injuries with accurate and thorough evaluations, diagnosis, and treatment/rehabilitation.  Where appropriate, athletic trainers accompany performing companies on their national and international tours to ensure the safety and well-being of our dancers. The athletic trainers also supervise student conditioning and cross-training, creating tailored plans for individual students. Additionally, they hold classes periodically during the Fall and Winter semesters for self-care classes, foam rolling classes, POSE running instruction, and other topics related to health and fitness.  These classes are typically advertised on the BYU Dance Medicine Instagram and Facebook pages. The Dance Medicine and Wellness Facility has a number of pieces of exercise equipment including TRX suspension system, cardio machines, and Pilates machines.

Schedule appointments with the athletic trainer online at

Please be respectful of their time – be sure to keep your appointment. If you cannot make it, email or call 801-422-1628.

Director/Head Athletic Trainer: Brenda Critchfield, MS, ATC, CSCS, LAT
Assistant Athletic Trainers: Mariah Dawe-Johnson, ATC, LAT; Carrie Pereyra, ATC, LAT

Location: 173RB
Phone: 801-422-1628

Online Self-Registration Instructions for Dancers

Dance Medicine and Wellness Facility Scheduling