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Facilities Scheduling

The BYU Department of Dance is equipped with 13 beautiful studios, five performance theaters, and three lectures spaces supported with current technology.

Dance Training Room

The Dance Training Room is available to all dance majors and members of performing ensembles. It is staffed by two athletic trainers and two to five student assistants. Where appropriate, athletic trainers accompany performing companies on their national and international tours to ensure the safety and well-being of our dancers. The trainers also supervise student conditioning and cross-training, creating tailored plans for individual students. The training room has a number of pieces of exercise equipment including pilates machines.

Schedule appointments with the athletic trainer in the training room.
Please be respectful of their time – be sure to keep your appointment. If you cannot make it, erase your name or call ahead.

Trainer: Brenda Critchfield
Location: 173RB
Phone: 801-422-1628

Training Room Scheduling

Facilities Scheduling

Students are NOT allowed to schedule space. Senior Project students and dancEnsemble choreographers must contact J’Lene (294 RB) for instructions.

Open space is to be shared. Please make sure you follow the shoe guidelines for all studios. Studio schedules are posted daily by the doors for each room.

If you have been given permission to schedule studio space by the Dance office, click the button below to be able to make a reservation. Be sure you put your name, phone number and email in the Meeting Title Box. Reservations made without this information will be deleted.

Username: dance
Password: dance

Studio Scheduling