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Cultural Dance


The Cultural Dance program is the largest dance program of its kind in the United States and has been at BYU for over 65 years. It is the home to the International Folk Dance Ensemble and Living Legends performing groups. In addition to the two principal performing companies, the Cultural Dance program supports preparatory dance ensembles that also perform in the community and at various BYU dance events.

In addition to mentored learning with expert faculty, students have the opportunity to interact with guest artists and scholars invited to campus from throughout the world to teach, choreograph and lecture.

All courses offered in the Cultural Dance program are open to dance majors and non-dance majors. A Cultural Dance Minor is available (16 credits).

Folk Dance Auditions

Auditions for entry-level teams will be conducted in-person. Interested students must audition with a partner.

Students will learn and perform short dance sequences at the audition. Questions can be addressed to Jeanette Geslison at


Tier III - Folk Dance Ensemble - Entry Level

Open to all full-time BYU students.


The first week of Fall and Winter Semesters each year

Wednesday, September 6, 2023
6:30 p.m.
Wilkinson Center Ballroom

Facebook: BYU Folk Dance
Instagram: @byu_folkdance

There are three entrance level folk dance performing companies. These teams serve as an entrance into the Folk Dance performance program.

Auditions for Tier III-level teams are conducted at the beginning of Fall and Winter Semesters and are open to all full-time BYU students. If selected for an ensemble, students must enroll in Dance 378R for 1 credit. Other performance and financial commitments are also necessary.

Auditions for Tier II and Tier I companies are by invitation only.


Tier I ~ International Folk Dance Ensemble ~ IFDE
Tier II ~ Folk Dance Ensemble

Tiers I & II Auditions by Invitation Only


April of each year



By Invitation Only


November each year

Traditionz auditions are by invitation only and are held in November.

Traditionz auditions questions should be addressed to Amy Jex:

Questions about open auditions, Tier II and Tier I International Folk Dance Ensemble auditions should be addressed to Jeanette Geslison:

Living Legends Auditions


Living Legends


Open House & Casting ~ April of each year

Interviews ~ May of each year

Announcement of Cast ~ June of each year

Screen - LIVING LEGENDS AUDITIONS 2022-2023-5 copy.jpg

For 2022-2023 auditions, please apply here:

For future auditions, please watch for pre-registration here: Thank you!

For additional information about Living Legends, contact

Performance Groups

International Folk Dance Ensemble

Legényes - BYU International Folk Dance Ensemble

IFDE performs an extensive repertoire of dance and music from around the world in stunning traditional folk costumes. This program provides dancers with rigorous technical dance training in recreational and staged cultural dance through practice and theory. Performance opportunities for the IFDE are abundant, locally, nationally and internationally. Performance tours occur annually, which may include performances at international folk dance festivals or in professional concert venues. Full and half tuition scholarships are available to selected students who participate in this ensemble.

For more information on our performance schedule or to schedule a performance, please visit

Living Legends

BYU Living Legends | BYU China Spectacular Preview
“A culture does not die when it dies, it dies when it is forgotten. Your show rescues culture and heritage.”
- President Santo René Núñez Téllez, Managua, Nicaragua

Living Legends captures the essence of ancient and modern culture in a celebration of Latin American, Native American, and Polynesian song and dance. Traditions come to life as talented descendants from these cultures blend authentic choreography, intricate costumes, and heart-pounding music into one captivating show. Members of this company also have the opportunity to travel in the US or abroad on tours during the summer months.

For more information on our performance schedule or to schedule a performance, please visit


Traditionz, a folk dance performance outreach program, provides cultural education through dance assemblies at local Utah schools for children during the month of May. Members of this company also perform in folk dance concerts held on or off campus during the winter semester.

Traditionz auditions are held in November and are by invitation only.

For more information on Traditionz or to book a performance please visit