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Shine Brightly by Submitting #CFACGrad Dance Story, Video Clip or Photos Right Away!

Graduating Seniors –Submit Your Dance Video Clip or Photo to:

Jeanette Geslison – jeanette_geslison at byu.eduor Scott Cook – scottcookfilm at for the final touches of the Department of Dance Grad Collaboration Video, if you haven’t done so already! There are a few graduating seniors we are missing! We don’t want to leave you out! Hurry!


Submit the same clip, photo or story to the college’s #CFACGrad Team at

Dance Submissions are Needed ASAP in the CFAC Graduation Coverage!(Along with Music, Art, Comms, Design, etc.)

We need to represent DANCE! Submit your 700 word (or less) story, video clips or photos of your time at BYU: Our College of Fine Arts and Communications wants to celebrate the successes of all its departments from Art, Comms, Dance, Design, Music, MDT and Theatre and Media Arts. Dance submissions are low, so hurry and add to your fellow dancers’ submissions by sending your content (brief or detailed) to the CFAC team now! You deserve the spotlight! It’s not “bragging,” it’s sharing and uplifting to others!

From the #CFACGrad page:

Are you a December 2019, April 2020, June 2020 or August 2020 graduate? Share your story with us! We are accepting memories, essays, videos and photos from graduating seniors that we will post on the College of Fine Arts and Communications’ social media media channels and websites. When you submit your story, just make sure it follows the following guidelines:

  • The entry is BYU-appropriate.
  • The entry relates to your BYU experience in some way.
  • Essay and memory entries must include a photo or image to post alongside the essay or memory.
  • Essay entries must be 700 words or less.
  • Please feel free to use these questions/ideas as inspiration when you submit your memory, essay, photo or video. These questions are not mandatory.Experience Questions
    • What cool/interesting experiences have you had because of your BYU education?
    • How has it impacted your art/your career?
    • Are there any notable awards or achievements you’ve been a part of as a BYU student?

    Identity Questions

    • How has BYU shaped your role as an artist/communicator?
    • How has being a BYU student impacted your life?
    • How do you practice your art or your craft at BYU?
    • How did you find your creative outlet at BYU?
    • How do you combine your art with your faith?

    Miscellaneous Questions

    • Why did you choose to come to BYU?
    • What advice do you give to current and future BYU students?
    • Why did you choose your major and what do you love about it?
    • What are your future ambitions/plans?
    • What is the hardest thing you had to overcome/biggest challenge at BYU?
    • What are some things you are most proud of in your academic career?
    • How did BYU help you launch your career?
    • What is the biggest lesson BYU has taught you?

    Photo/Video Suggestions

    • Cap and Gown/Graduation Photos
    • Photos of a BYU class, experience, internship, etc.
    • Videos of rehearsals, classes, etc. (These must meet copyright guidelines).

Thank you, dance students! You are fabulous and we want you to shine bright and get the recognition you deserve!