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New Dance Space Construction has Begun in the RB!

It has begun! A new, large dance room is under way for students and faculty to spread out and enjoy for this coming Fall Semester!

Department of Dance Chair, Professor Curt Holman has shot this brief video footage showing the beginning of the reconstruction in the RB upstairs. The ballet faculty offices (formerly known as the F wing, next to RB – 285) have already been demolished!

This video begins at the doors to RB -185 (no shoes allowed on the floor!) and pans left across what used to be the bulletin board, then to the hallway leading to Shani Robison’s and Shayla Bott’s offices and all down that corridor. To the left of those offices is what used to be the public relations office, with all the news articles on the walls and the display case with all the professional faculty photos. To the left of that, also demolished, is the dancer’s lounge which used to have a printer and the plaid wing-back chairs.

This whole space will now be another HUGE dance room where movement can take place in classes where you need to get up, spin, jump — and now — social distance a bit! ; )

The department is so excited for this room to come to fruition. We all look forward to seeing your faces soon and enjoying this space! In the meantime, check for these videos periodically so you can see the forthcoming progress! Curt gets better with his iPhone camera work every semester as he documents the amazing upgrade projects to the dance facilities, theatre foyer, dressing rooms, and more for BYU Dance! 😉