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Karen Jensen’s Dance Video Class Projects are Epic!

Check out the BYU Dance YouTube Channel here, and find these projects under Student Works (published in the last month)!

Contemporary Dance adjunt faculty Karen Jensen is proud of the students in her Winter 2020 Dance and Film class — and for good reason. They’ve expanded their creativity beyond their usual dance genre and plunged into the ultra-competitive world of film making. All this was during the pandemic upheaval that started mid-term in March.

“As you know, winter semester had such an unusual finish,” Jensen said. “Rather than working in groups for the final project, the majority of the students did their final film on their own. They came up with FABULOUS films.”

“My dance and film students did a wonderful collaboration with dancEnsemble this semester,” said Jensen. “But, of course, the concert was cancelled due to COVID-19. In the process, 12+ videos were made that were supposed to screen throughout the concert.”

Some of those dance videos from the class have been posted around various social media platforms. Two are premiering Friday, May 23, 2020, on the BYU Dance YouTube channel, so you can see the students’ solo work here (under Student Works, published in the last month and on Friday, May 22, 2020).

Jensen is excited for her students’ creativity to reach a larger audience. “These students are so great and talented!” she said.


BYU student Issac Moras, with his claymation film, “ Experdanza!” BYU student Brynn Foote creating her film, ““ Less Than Lonely: A Teddy Bear Ballet,” which was featured in the Salt Lake Tribune’s Quarantine Film Festival in an article here!