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Department of Dance Film and Digital Media Fund Application for Faculty Only

This funding and application is only for Department of Dance faculty at this time. Full-time, adjunct, and visiting faculty are welcome to apply.

General Information
Applicant agrees (1) to fundraising, licensing, and insurance guidelines policies, (2) to register in an approved production related course, (3) to assume responsibility for any financial obligations, and (4) to provide faculty advisor production planning packet and daily updates during all phases of production.

Proposal Letter of Intent

*Please include contact information.

  1. What is your project idea? (The content of student proposals must be guided by the Aims of a BYU Education and the values of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.)
  2. Provide a short synopsis or treatment of your project idea.
  3. How will rendering your project idea in a cinematic form enhance and enrich its meaning and impact? What insights to cinematic possibilities does it offer? Why not write about it rather than make a film?
  4. Considering your role at BYU, how will this project impact your research and/or studies or the academic mission of the proposing unit? (Student applicants should address how this experience will facilitate their course of study and graduation plan.)
  5. What other existing projects have you seen that are similar to the project idea that you are proposing? What cinematic elements do they employ?
  6. Who do you see as its primary audience? How do you intend to reach it? How will it be distributed?
  7. How will this project provide valuable experience for students? How will this proposal facilitate a collaborative student-faculty, team-mentored environment with professional expectations? If so, how? If not, why? (Student proposals should demonstrate wherever possible collaborative, inter- and intra-departmental participation.)
  8. What is your intended schedule for the project’s production?
  9. Explain your ability and commitment to seeing the project through.