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Dance Medicine and Wellness Facility Online Registration Instructions


Dance Medicine and Wellness Facility Online Self-Registration Instructions

BYU Dancers: Please fill out this form online ASAP, so you can be treated promptly if needed.
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Go to
Click on Need Help? / New User / Camp Registration

· Enter School Code: BYUDADS
· Then enter in code from the image:
· Then press “continue.”

On the next page enter in the following:

1. - Your 9 digit BYU ID# WITH DASHES 12-345-6789 (DO NOT enter your netid!!!!!!)
2. - Your legal first name (If your legal name is Maxwell and you go by Ken, use your LEGAL name.)
3. - Your legal Last name. If you have changed your name (marriage, divorce, etc) then email me your previous last name so I can enter on your record.)
4. - Your date of birth (Make sure your enter the correct year! – You were not born in 2020.)
5. - Your email address
6. - Press "continue".

It will take you to the next page where you need to enter in the following:

1. - Your Social Security Number – no dashes
2. - Select your gender from the drop down menu.
3. - Select your marriage status from the drop down menu.
4. - Select “Music Dance Theater Major” from the drop down menu – DO NOT CHOOSE ANY OTHER OPTION.
5. - Select one of the following from the drop down menu – Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, 5th year Senior, 6th year Senior – DO NOT choose 1st year, 2nd year, etc.
6. - Enter your PROVO address.
7. - Enter your Mobile phone.
8. - Click on the “save” button.

This will send me (Director of Dance Medicine) a prompt to look at your registration, make any corrections and approve it. Once I approve it you will get an email with your user name and password. Once you get this email, go to and log in with the username and password from the email.

If you do not receive an email within 1 business day, please email and I will send you your username and password.

It will force you to change your password – change it to something you remember!

Log back into the system using your username and new password. It will pull up a screen with all your demographic information.

1. - Click on the “parents/guardians” tab along the bottom.
2. - Then click on the + Add Parents/Guardians Details in the left corner of that box.
3. - Then enter in your parents’ information. This is for catastrophic situations only – hopefully, we will never have to use it! – but I still need it.

· First Name
· Relationship to you
· Last Name
· Date of Birth
· Gender
· Marital Status
· Address
· City, State, Zip
· Email
· Cell phone

- Click on the √ at the bottom of the page.
- Then click on the “contacts” tab.
· Click on the + Add Emergency Contact Details (you can add as many as you want, but there should be at least 1 who is somewhat local who can come pick you up from the hospital if necessary).

1. Enter in full name of Emergency contact.
2. Type in their relationship to you (mom, dad, brother, sister, spouse, aunt, uncle, friend, etc).
3. Enter in THEIR phone number.

After you have completed your parent information and emergency contact information, you need to fill out 6 forms.

There will usually be a message at the top right of the page that says “You have 6 form(s) to be filled”. If not, you can click on the “Forms” tab on the left navigation bar to get to your forms. Click on one of the ways to get to your forms and fill out the forms.

- Medical Questionnaire – 20 question medical questionnaire – if you answer yes, please explain. No one beyond the dance medicine staff will ever see these. Enter Birthdate, Age, SS#, answer all questions, type your name, enter in date. Press save and then submit

- Emergency Medical Release – Gives us permission to help you if you get injured and can’t give consent (unconscious, unresponsive, etc) – Type in your name and enter in date; press save and submit

- Dancer Medical Treatment & Information Authorization – Basically HIPAA policy, we keep all things private about you and your medical treatment unless 1. You give us specific permission to share with specific people, 2. We will disclose injury if you or someone else is unsafe due to your injury, but only to those who need to know. Click anyone you want us to share information with, enter your name and date, press save, and then submit.

- Treatment and Policy Guidelines – These are the rules in the Dance Medicine Facility – read them, click the “yes” box stating that you understand and will abide, type in your name, date, email, phone, BYUID#, and click the Music Dance Theater Major box. Enter MDT in the box. Then press save, and then submit.

- Treatment and Policy Guidelines Addendum – These are the rules in the Dance Medicine Facility that are specific to the COVID-19 pandemic – read them, click the “yes“ box stating that you understand and will abide, type in your name, and date it. Then press save and then submit.

- Assignment of Benefits – This basically states we can talk to your medical insurance company. The Dance Medicine Facility charges your medical insurance for treatment, we accept any payments they pay, whatever they don’t pay the dance department pays. Type in your name, date, check self, and then save and submit.

Please submit a picture of the front and back of your insurance card to

My email is:

If you have any questions, please email me or come down to RB-173 and ask for help.