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Mandatory Advisement
Advising Assignments
Major Meetings
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Senior Capstone

Mandatory Advisement

Students are required to schedule an annual advisement meeting with their assigned major advisor.

The steps for setting up this appointment are as follows:

  1. Access the MAP sheet for your declared major: (provide links toeach MAP) or pick up a hard copy in the dance office kiosk.
  2. Access the department course offerings sheet (provide link), or pick up a hard copy in the dance office kiosk. This important document indicates when dance courses are offered. (Pam provided the link to the shared google doc below).
  3. Access the Course Chains document for your major: (links for the Dance BA Course Chains, Dance Education Course Chains, BFA Course Chains). These are also attached to the MAP sheets that are available in the dance office kiosk.
  4. Using the MAP and Course Offerings sheets, complete a plan to graduation in MyMAP using the MAP sheet recommendations as a guide.
  5. Make an appointment with your assigned Major Advisor (link to the advisor’s page on website) for your annual, mandatory advisement.
  6. Have your major advisor contact Emily Emerick to let her know you have completed your advisement meeting.
  7. Make and appointment to meet with Emily Emerick in the CFAC Advisement office (link to Emily’s email) for your annual advisement meeting with her.

It is mandatory that each major student meets and reviews their graduation plan with their assigned advisor annually, prior to February 14th of the academic year. If a student doesn’t meet with their advisor by the deadline,a registration hold will be placed on the student’s account, stopping them from registering for the next semester’s classes.

Dance Majors are assigned Faculty Advisors and College Advisors to assist them in their degree pursuit. An advisor’s role is to:

  • Continue our college’s tradition of excellence by promoting individual development
  • Motivate and encourage students to pursue their personal path to graduation
  • Teach and empower students to reach their potential
  • Inspire students to seek lifelong learning

Advising Assignments

Dance BA Major Advisors
Faculty Advisement Assignments
Adam Dyer,
Jamie Kalama Wood,
Amy Jex,
Marin Roper,
Keely Glenn,
Brent Keck,
Jeanette Geslison,

Shani Robison,

Dance Ed K-12 Advisors
Coordinator and Pre-D Ed Advisor
Kori Wakamatsu,

Dance Ed Advisor

Dance BFA Advisement
Coordinator and Pre-BFA Advisor
Kate Monson,
Ashley Parov,

Dance BFA Advisors
Hilary Wolfley
Rachel Barker
Kate Monson

Dance minor advisors

Marci Edgington (Ballroom),
Kathleen Sheffield (Contemporary),
Tamara Chamberlain (World),
Hilary Wolfley (Ballet),

MDT Majors Advisement
Nathan Balser,
Jamie Kalama Wood,

Major Meetings

Mandatory meetings are held once a semester for all dance majors. Important information is shared at every meeting, so be sure to come! These meetings are where you learn about scholarship deadlines, publishing opportunities, senior project information, course offerings, and other information that is pertinent to all dance majors.

Meetings are typically held on third or fourth Thursdays at 11:00 am in the Richards Building. Meeting notices will be on the flat screen TVs in the Richard Building at least a couple of weeks in advance.


Senior Capstone

There are different requirements for all majors in reference to Senior Capstone projects:

  • BA majors are NOT required to do a Senior Capstone project but have the option to if so desired. They can complete a senior capstone focused on: Choreography, Performance, Pedagogy, or Research.
  • BFA majors are required to do a Senior Capstone project that has both Choreography and Performance components.
  • Dance Ed majors are required to do a Senior Capstone project in Choreography.

- All majors planning to do a senior capstone must fill out this senior capstone tracking form (hyper link to form) and submit it to Kate Monson (, 291 RB) so that you will be added to the appropriate semester and year.
Semesters do fill up so it is important you do this before your senior year, ideally no later than your sophomore year.

- All majors are required to submit a written proposal for approval prior to receiving an add code for the Senior Capstone course, Dance 469.

- All students doing Choreography based capstones are required to also present a movement proposal prior to receiving an add code for the Senior Capstone course, Dance 469.

- If you are a BA or BFA doing a Choreography capstone project you must complete all prerequisites for a Choreography capstone prior to taking the 469 course. These include: a 300 level genre specific composition course, Dance 363, and Dance 462.

- If you are Dance Ed. major doing a Choreography capstone project you need to take the aforementioned prerequisites plus Dance 355 before taking Dance 469.

- All majors will be assigned a faculty mentor for the duration of their capstone project, after successfully passing the proposal stage.

BA and Dance Ed Capstone Packets