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Share Your Story: #CFACGrad Eliza Robinson

Graduating dance student Eliza Robinson reflects on an experience she had during her time at BYU


Dance graduate Eliza Hoffman during a study abroad in Czechia. (Courtesy of Eliza Robinson)

The photo included here was taken in a castle we toured while on the Contemporary Dance Study Abroad in Europe. I feel as though this photo — in a symbolic way — describes the experience I had at BYU. I came here not knowing who I was. Spiritually, emotionally and sometimes mentally, I was in the dark room, far from the windows. I let the powers of self-doubt and uncertainty keep me away from the light.

When I finally decided to open my eyes and see the light coming in from the window, I knew I needed to have the courage to approach it. Inspired, loving professors and students encouraged me and helped me stumble through the darkness towards the light. As I undid the latches of the window, my future path, my dreams and the person I had become were illuminated as I let the light pour over me.

Oh, how good the sunshine feels on my face as I end my journey at BYU! It is a hard school. It was a difficult time. But I will thank my BYU professors and friends for the rest of my life for helping me to become the person I am today.

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