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Quinn Boyack and Abraham Wilson perform “Sonata for Cello and Piano, Mvt. 3, Andante” by Sergei Rachmaninoff.

The Department of Dance, School of Music, Department of Theatre and Media Arts, and Music Dance Theatre Program held a joint convocation ceremony for their combined 172 graduates at the annual spring convocation last Friday, April 26.

Kory Katseanes, Professor and Director of the School of Music keynoted the ceremony with graduate Elisabeth Weagel, alumnus Scott Eckern, Academic Vice President Brent Webb and Dean Stephen Jones making additional remarks to supplement the numerous student works presented.

“Today is a celebration and I applaud all of you graduates,” began Katseanes. “As you turn around and walk out this door, I trust that you will leave with your soul expanded, your self discovered, your skills honed and your confidence enhanced.”

By highlighting the optimistic attitude that must have been present with each graduate during their years of education, Katseanes expressed his desire for that continued optimism to enable each graduate to tackle the journeys ahead.

Weagel added to this her thoughts on individual experience and stories. “Today our paths have converged for a moment, so that we might celebrate what comes next-departure,” said Weagel. “We have entered, and now we will go forth. We go forth to transmit new stories and to continue the process of development that began long ago.”

“Our stories matter,” continued Weagel. “Not because of what they are themselves, but because they are the scaffolding of our identity. At some point, what we learn and the things we do, will fade away. Leaving in their place something infinitely more important-who we have become.”

Following addition performances by graduates and students, Scott Eckern, the college alumni representative, reminded the graduates of the values they have gained through their studies. “This is the beginning of the next chapter of your story,” he said. “How will the spirit of the Y stay with you?”

In offering at least a partial answer to his own question, Eckern suggested that it is a BYU graduate’s responsibility to find a way to stay connected and give back.

To conclude the ceremony, Dean Jones expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the teachers, parents, mentors, and students for making the College of Fine Arts and Communications what it is—an institution of learning in preparation for professional contributions and a lifetime of service to humankind.

To watch the joint convocation ceremony, click here.

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