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From its largest cities to the countryside where rice is still planted by hand, China offers a great diversity of experiences. The China Dance Program is a tremendous opportunity to learn from Chinese professors in dance, fine arts and Chinese martial arts. Students build great friendships as they participate in first-hand learning experiences with professors and students in local schools. The program is designed to actively involve students with the Chinese people and provides rich study content, including history, philosophy, and traditional customs of China.


Students are actively immersed in the Italian or French culture and presented rich study content in Dance History, Pedagogy, and Choreography in cities such as Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice, Paris and London. As students learn on location the origins of the Italian or French methodology of ballet training, they participate in historical lecture and movement experiences, utilizing local architecture and artistic masterworks as catalysts for the creation of movement and study of compositional structure. Students participate in dance workshops by international experts at prestigious conservatories throughout Europe and create site-specific choreographic works in their surroundings.

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