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    We are committed to informing students of department happenings and facilitating conversation between the different areas of dance.

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    The Dance Council functions as a resource for dance students. Contact us with any concerns or comments about the department.

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    We are here for YOU, as an example, a friend and a source of information for all things related to the Department of Dance.

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Rachel Kimball
Dance Major Rep


Dance Training Room

The BYU Department of Dance is equipped with 13 beautiful studios, five performance theaters, and three lectures spaces supported with current technology.

The Dance Training Room is available to all dance majors and members of performing ensembles. It is staffed by two athletic trainers and two to five student assistants. Where appropriate, athletic trainers accompany performing companies on their national and international tours to ensure the safety and well-being of our dancers. The trainers also supervise student conditioning and cross-training, creating tailored plans for individual students. The training room has a number of pieces of exercise equipment including pilates machines.

Schedule appointments with the athletic trainer in the training room.
Please be respectful of his time – be sure to keep your appointment. If you cannot make it, erase your name or call ahead.

Trainer: Brenda Critchfield
Location: 173RB
Phone: 801-422-1628

Facilities Scheduling

Students are NOT allowed to schedule space. Senior Project students and dancEnsemble choreographers must contact J’Lene (294 RB) for instructions.

Use our Meeting Room Manager application to let you know when studios are open. Open space is to be shared. Please make sure you follow the shoe guidelines for all studios. Studio schedules are posted daily by the doors for each room.

If you have been given permission to schedule studio space by the Dance office be sure you put your name, phone number and email in the Meeting Title Box. Reservations made without this information will be deleted.

Username: dance
Password: dance

Internship Information

The dance department does not actively seek out internship possibilities for our students. However, students who find opportunities to participate in dance-related experiences may receive college credit for it. If you have an opportunity you think might qualify, please contact your major advisor to seek approval. If the experience is approved, you will work with your advisor to create a course syllabus with specific learning outcomes. Students must register for Dance 399 to receive internship credit.

To sign up for the course, please follow the steps below:

  1. After consultation with your faculty advisor, email with the number of credits you will take for the class. She needs that information to approve your application. (BYU requires 42 hours of work for each credit taken).
  2. Go to myBYU and sign in.
  3. Enter intern01 in the Quick URL box.
  4. Fill out the application (Dance 399R) and submit it

Once you have fully completed this process, your application will be sent to the department internship coordinator (Janielle Christensen) and to the Internship Office for approval. When it is approved, you will be notified by email that you may sign up for the class. At the conclusion of the semester, the on-site supervisor and your faculty advisor will evaluate your performance and consult with the coordinator who will assign you a grade for the course.

Major Information


Mandatory advisement was introduced as a part of the undergraduate dance program in an effort to help students make the most of their time at BYU.

Upon acceptance as a dance major you will be assigned a faculty member to be your advisor. You should see your advisor at least once an academic year (before March) to review your progress toward graduation and discuss anything of interest or concern to you. If you do not follow through with your advisement appointment, a registration hold will be put on your account. You should contact your advisor, make an appointment to meet and be prepared with your current graduation plan. Periodically there will be a Thursday set aside when the faculty will be in their offices from 11-12pm for students to meet with them

Your advisor will give you a form that they have signed for you to fill out. You will need to turn it into J’Lene, the Dance Department Secretary, in 294 RB.

Meetings for Majors

Mandatory meetings are held once a semester for all dance majors. Important information is shared at every meeting, so be sure to come! These meetings are where you learn about scholarship deadlines, publishing opportunities, senior project information, etc.

Meetings will be held on the following Thursdays at 11:00am in the Richards Building. Signs will be posted in the hallways with more information closer to the scheduled meeting.

Next Majors Meeting


Senior Projects

A senior project should represent 90 hours of work. This capstone project should be a bridge to your work after you leave BYU.

There are three parts of the proposal to be turned in on the due date:

  1. A completed proposal form from the dance office
  2. ABC Printout (progress report – available on Route Y under AIM). Highlight classes completed that prepared you to do this project.
  3. Required information as designated by your particular project. (see below)

Two faculty members will review your project proposal and preparatory work to determine your readiness to go forward.

These faculty members will be looking for the following:

    • Is your project well thought out, developed, and ready to go?
    • Have you taken the necessary course work to support the completion of your proposal?

Upon approval, you will be informed who your mentor will be. You should meet with your mentor during the first week of the semester. It will be your responsibility to set up that meeting. Your mentor will give you your ‘permission to add’ code.

There are four options for a Senior Capstone Project:
1. Choreography

An 8-10 minute piece of choreography to be presented in a Senior Showcase Concert. This project should be a discovery of movement ideas that you have not explored before. Please note: In order to do a choreographic project, Dance 362 and 355 must have been completed. Dance Education majors are required to complete a choreographic project and must also complete Dance 462 prior to your capstone project.

For your proposal
  • You will submit title of dance, name of composer(s), number of dancers, length of dance, and preliminary costume ideas.
  • You will present 3-5 minutes of detailed and concrete movement. Show the exact movement the dancers will be doing. This movement does not have to be taught to other dancers (although it can be), nor do movement sequences need to be connected. i.e., your movement can be presented in segments. Please do not drift about on the stage explaining more or less the kind of movement that the dancers will be doing. When you submit your proposal, you will also sign up for a time during that week to have your choreographic movement seen by two faculty members.
  • You will attach a one-page paper, discussing the concept of your dance. Discuss how this choreographic project will challenge you. For example, will you be using a new method of choreographing? Will you be challenged by the music? etc.
2. Research

An 18-20 page well-documented paper, representing research into current subjects, or into challenging historical topics.

For your proposal
    • Provide anticipated, detailed outline and topic
    • Introductory paragraph
    • 10 references you plan to use
3. Performance

A solo performance of 5-7 minutes choreographed by someone not on the faculty at BYU. This performance must be based on a premise that will demand your exploration into new ways of thinking about performance.

Prior to your proposal
  • Read a thesis entitled “Oneness in Performance” by Maureen Norvell. This thesis is located in the SFH LRC.
  • Write three concrete goals for your performance based on your reading. Submit those goals in your proposal.
For your proposal
  • Provide profile/résumé information about your choreographer.
  • Write explanation of why you chose that particular person and how this choreographer will help you meet your goals

As you proceed with your project:

  • Keep a journal during the rehearsal process of thoughts, questions, and discoveries.
  • Film yourself immediately learning the choreography. Include notes from your choreographer, stating what he or she wants you to concentrate on to bring the dance to performance level. You will also study your own goals as you view this video. You will continue to rehearse and continue to keep your journal.
  • Film yourself again during performance.
  • Write a 3-4 page paper analyzing the accomplishment of your own goals, as well as the implementation of notes from your choreographer.

Submit both journal and video to your mentor immediately after the performance.

4. Pedagogy

A teaching project based on current philosophies and methodologies involving lesson plans, analysis and evaluation. This project must be designed and organized especially from a Senior Capstone Project perspective, and executed exclusively for this purpose. Consequently, you cannot use your regular teaching job either here at BYU or at a studio for your senior project.

For your proposal
  • Submit a 2-3 page paper describing, in detail, the design and organization of your project. Include the time line.
  • Submit three learning outcomes. Explain how you will assess these learning outcomes to know whether or not they have been achieved.

Submit a page summarizing the research you will need to do to accomplish this project. List four references.

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