As dancers from BYU performed in Beijing, local press raved as Western and Eastern performers collided in a beautiful flurry of color and movement.

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On the evening of November 13, Brigham Young University (BYU) presented a dance concert of “encounters” at the Opera House of the National Ground Theatre. The performance of BYU was full with passions, and made the Sixth “ChunHuaQiuShi春华秋实” Festival the last successful performance.


In the afternoon of November 13, a special, yet “heart-warming”, open rehearsal/performance by Contemporary Dance Theater (CDT) company from Brigham Young University (BYU) at the Opera House of the National Theatre was held to high school students, hearing impaired students, and children of migrant workers.  Same as the program name of “encounter”, BYU performers were not only making encounters come true between dancers, between dance and music, and between modern life and traditional life, but also between American dancers and Chinese audience.  During the dress rehearsal, a dance work, “When We Encounter”, was joint-performed both by dancers from BYU and dancers from Beijing Dance Academy (BDA).  Professor Jiamin Huang from the Department of Dance at BYU introduced the content and commitment of the concert, on behalf of the performing company, to those student audiences. CDT from BYU has sent out postcards, as a good memory of friendship, to all the student audiences at the end of the performance.

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In 2013, the “ChunHuaQiuShi春华秋实” Festival of Arts Performance invited Brigham Young University, the highest level of arts education in the world, and further upgraded the scale and content of the festival, making it to become an international platform for arts education exchanges.



China News






China News



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