Savannah Thompson

Savannah Thompson


Provo, Utah


My name is Savannah Thompson and I am from Provo, Utah. I trained in gymnastics as a child, until my mom influenced me to try ballet. At the age of eight, I started my dance training at Jacqueline’s School of Ballet, and danced with Utah Regional Ballet II for two years and haven’t stopped since. I am a sophomore at Brigham Young University and this is my first year on Contemporary Dance Theatre. I look forward to graduating and hope to dance on a professional contemporary company. I love teaching and I would love nothing more than to teach on the university level. But for now, I look forward to future adventures with CDT.

Reflections on Visiting China

My favorite part of being in Beijing was each personal encounter I had with the people on the streets. I noticed as we traveled in our uniform outfits, we received lots of attention. Despite our language barrier, we had a beautiful encounter that non-verbally spoke of our mutual love and respect for each others lives and cultures.

I realized that we aren’t so different at all. We are all people searching for acceptance and love. We all desire to be happy and to help others do the same. There were many times that I would see small acts of kindness from the people of Beijing, especially while working with the dancers at Beijing Dance Academy. Each of those dancers represent China well. They are so kind and accepting of us and I am so grateful for that!

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