Matthew Daniel Davies

Matthew Daniel Davies


Music Dance Theatre

Centerville, Utah



Matt Davies is a sophomore in the Music Dance Theater (MDT) program at Brigham Young University. This is his second year on Contemporary Dance Theater (CDT) and has loved every minute of it. When Matt is not dancing, singing, or acting he loves to play volleyball, tennis, and take photos. Matt would like to express his gratitude to BYU and everyone who made the culture exchange in China possible. “This has been an experience of a lifetime that I will never forget and will always treasure for the rest of my life.”


个人简历:马特是杨百翰大学音乐舞蹈剧院( MDT)专业二年级的学生。这是他在当代舞蹈剧场舞团( CDT )的第二年。他对于身在其中的每一分钟都十分喜欢。当马特不跳舞,不唱歌,或者不演出时,他喜欢打排球,网球和拍照片。马特非常感谢杨百翰大学,以及每一个使得这次中国演出和文化交流成为可能的人。“这是我一辈子的财富。我永远都不会忘记。并且在我的一生中,我都会永远珍惜这一次访问的经历”。

Reflections on Visiting China


Sometimes it is easy to think that our world is so big, the idea that the people of China and the people of America have anything in common is hard to grasp. After all, we live on opposite ends of the world. We have thousands of miles, thousands of years of history, 15 hours, and a language barrier that separates us. But what I have learned from spending a week in Beijing is that in the things that matter most, we couldn’t be more similar.

We value love and harmony, honor and respect, family and hard work. We find joy in the relationships we have made with friends. As we associated with and shared the stage with our friends from the Beijing Dance Academy, it was evident  in our culture and in theirs that these values are present in our daily conversations and spirits.

This encounter  we have had has been one I will never forget. It has shown me that even though were are separated by thousands of miles, thousands of years of history, 15 hours and a language barrier, we will always be connected because of the values we share and the joy we feel when we are dancing.





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