JanaLe Henderson

JanaLe Henderson


Chemical Engineering

Orem, Utah



My name is JanaLe Henderson and I am currently studying Chemical Engineering at BYU. I love to travel and have been able to go to many different countries all over the world. My dream is to make a difference throughout the world with humanitarian work. I have a passion for clogging and have been dancing for about 14 years with a studio in Orem, Utah. Being able to perform in a beautiful theater was a dream! I loved every minute of it and all the new friendships it brought.


个人简介:我目前就读杨百翰大学化学工程专业。我喜欢旅行,已经去过世界上的许多国家。我的梦想是通过人道主义的工作让这个世界更加美好。我在犹他州奥瑞姆市的一个舞蹈工作室里跳木履舞蹈已经有14年的历史了。它带给了我对于舞蹈的热爱。能够在北京这样一个美丽的大剧院演出,就像是一个梦! 我喜欢在其中的每一分钟,喜欢由此而带来的新的友谊。

Reflections on Visiting China


Being able to spend this last week in Beijing China was an incredible experience. From walking the streets of the city to gathering with the BDA dancers back stage, there are many memories that I will always treasure. I quickly learned that the people of Beijing are not used to seeing Americans especially in a big group like ours! I’m sure it wasn’t only our physical features that attracted them to us but also the joy and the light we each had in our eyes. They loved to take pictures of us whether they were in it or not and would smile and wave at us as they passed. They were full of love and being able to interact with them made me strive even harder to return that love.

As the theme of the show was “Encounters,” it was very interesting to think about that on and off stage. Everyone was so kind to us and gave a lot for us to be there. As we tried to connect with the audience, I could feel the energy running through my fingertips. I knew my prayers had been answered to help me perform in a way that I never had before in order to touch the hearts of those people. As we walked through the Forbidden City and learned about the history and culture, we were better able to connect with the people of Chinese. I am so grateful to have been able to experience China and the wonderful people that were there.


学习收获:能够在过去的一周到中国北京访问,是一个令人难以置信的经历。从在北京的城市街道上行走,到回到舞台与北京舞蹈学院的演员们相聚,许多美好的回忆都会成为我终身的财富。我很快就了解到,北京市的居民好像还不习惯看到美国人,尤其是看到像我们这样一个庞大的团队! 我敢肯定,不仅仅是我们的生理特征吸引了他们,我们的喜悦,我们每个人眼睛里的光彩,也为他们带去了欢乐。他们喜欢和我们一起照相,无论他们是在照片里还是在照片外。 当我们擦肩而过的时候,他们向我们微笑,向我们招手致意。他们充满了爱心。能够与他们进行互动,使得我更加努力地去回报他们的爱。


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