Demiree Eastman

Demi Eastman



Cedar City, Utah



I come from a small town in Southern Utah called Cedar City, and a big family of eleven people. I am in my third year here at BYU and loving it! I am currently a dance major and this is my second year on the Contemporary Dance Theater. Dance is everything to me. It brings joy, light and life to my world daily. I hope to continue dancing through life and loving every second of it.



Reflections on Visiting China


Going to Beijing, China this past week was an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. The moment I entered the country, I felt so much love! Even though I hardly speak any Chinese apart from “Ni Hao” and “Xie Xie,” I could see the light and uplifting energy in the eyes of everyone that I passed. I felt I was welcomed with a warm smile every day.

Performing in the National Center for Performing Arts was such an incredible experience. It changed my life forever. At first, I felt so small and inadequate when I stepped onto a massive stage, in a massive building, in a massive city. However, with everyone coming together, magic happened. As I danced on the stage, I felt an energy I had never felt before. I felt so much energy from the audience while at the same time feeling so much energy from the stage itself. I felt alive! I felt so much joy and warmth in my heart to be up there dancing.

This experience and my experience with the people made me never want to leave. There is a special feeling in China. I can tell that the people are genuinely good. They have good hearts and good minds. If I could, I would rewind time and do it all over again and again.





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