Crysta Powell

Crysta Powell

Theatre Arts Studies


Crysta is a junior studying stage management at BYU from Mapleton, Utah. Previous credits include being the assistant stage manager for Singin’ In the Rain (SCERA Shell), Camp Rock (SCERA Shell), Aida (SCERA Shell), Homecoming Spectacular 2011 (BYU), Midsummer Night’s Dream (Utah Regional Ballet), Ballroom in Concert 2012 (BYU), The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey (SCERA), Christmas Around the World 2012 (BYU Dance), Nutcracker (Utah Regional Ballet), Scarlet Pimpernel (SCERA Shell), Shrek (SCERA), and BYU Spectacular 2013. She’s also been the production stage manager forThe Merchant of Venice (BYU Theatre), The Snow Queen (BYU Theatre Ballet), All Shook Up (SCERA Shell), eviDANCE 2012 (BYU Dance), Jekyll and Hyde (Mortal Fools), Servant of Two Masters (BYU Theatre), Sound of Music (SCERA Shell), and Christmas Around the World 2013 (BYU Dance). She most recently returned from touring with BYU’s Contemporary Dance Theatre as they performed in the National Center of the Performing Arts in Beijing, China.

Reflections on Visiting China

Being the Production Stage Manager for CDT’s NCPA performance was one of the greatest learning experiences of my college career––it was also one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. The four months leading up to China were full of meetings and more meetings. I spent hours working on paperwork, coordinating costumes, in rehearsals, and programing the show file.
I can’t even begin to describe how stressed I was. Between my three shows, homework and my on-campus job, I felt like my life was falling apart. I felt like I was stretched so thin that I couldn’t succeed at anything. Nothing was coming together and being completely sleep deprived, I felt like the world’s worst stage manager/student/human being.

The first three days in China were crazy. Somehow, miraculously, it came together. In spite of all of the challenges that came up, my wonderful production team and I managed to solve all the problems and put together a show worthy of the state of the art venue we were in.

When the show ended, I stood backstage watching the dancers celebrating and that was when I knew that it had all been worth it. I listened to everyone talk about how great it went and how successful the performance had been. I watched the stress disappear from people’s faces as they realized all of their hard work had paid off.

That was the greatest moment for me. And it is moments like that that remind me why I stage manage

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