Stephen Jones portraitIt is an honor and a privilege for Brigham Young University to come again to China with one of our performing ensembles. This trip is the 28th time our music and dance ensembles have come to perform since the Young Ambassadors first toured China in 1979. Over the course of those many years we have developed a great love for the Chinese people and the wonderful artistic and cultural traditions of your country.

We are humbled by the kind invitation of Deng Yijiang, Vice President of the National Center for the Performing Arts, to perform in this prestigious venue, known across the world for its excellence and beauty. The invitation to perform here is an experience that will impact the lives of our students forever, and we are most thankful they have been given this opportunity.

Berrett, Marilyn 10The 春华秋实 Festival celebrates the educational growth of arts students as they progress from the flowers of the spring to the fruit of the fall. Arts students at Brigham Young University have been recognized for their achievements in performance and academics for many years. In 2013 they have received many awards of merit at the highest national and international levels. From dance, visual arts and music, to communication, media arts and theatre, our students have excelled. We are proud of them and honor their accomplishments.

We recognize as well the abundant success of the students at this festival who come from the finest educational institutions across China. These excellent institutions are committed to the success of their students. In this goal, we are united. We hope all of these student participants will use their gifts to express to the world their conviction that beauty and goodness will always overcome the challenges and difficulties of life, and that through our work together we can preserve the best fruits of our cultures and societies for future generations.

We offer our sincere thanks for joining us tonight as we humbly share “Encounters” with you. May our love for the arts and our hope for the progress of our young people join our hearts in eternal friendship.


Stephen M. Jones, Dean
College of Fine Arts and Communications


Marilyn Berrett, Chair
Department of Dance


Stephen Jones portrait杨百翰大学艺术表演团再次来到了中国。这样的机会对于杨百翰大学来说,既是一种荣誉,也是一种待遇。自1979年杨百翰大学首次派出青年大使歌舞团到中国演出以来,我们的音乐和舞蹈表演团已经第28次地踏上了中国的国土。在过去20多年的访问和演出过程中,我们对于中国人民的热爱与日俱增,对于中国博大精深的文化和艺术传统更加珍视和尊重。



Berrett, Marilyn 10我们高兴地看到,在这次艺术节上,来自于中国顶级艺术院校的学生们所取得的巨大的成功。这些优秀的艺术院校致力于他们学生的成长与进步。正是在这个共同的目标下,我们走到了一起。我们希望所有前来参加艺术节的选手,都能够用自己的天赋,向全世界传递自己的心声。这个心声就是,美好与和谐将总是能够克服生活中的挑战和困难。通过我们共同的努力,我们一定可以为我们的子孙后代,保存好我们社会和文化的最佳果实。






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