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As we journey through our lives—people, places, and ideas unexpectedly captivate us. Often these encounters forever change us. Tonight, Encounters invites all to see beauty in the unanticipated, find something new in the familiar, and be transformed by the connections and exchanges.

These encounters are represented through abstract and literal movements. In Nightstreet, our young dancers encounter one another’s distinctive personalities. In Chakra, the dancers encounter a unique object that invites them to discover and explore new possibilities.

Our cloggers, through an impressive array of speed and accuracy, encounter the intricacies of foot rhythms in the tantalizingly tangible Suzy. In Rapture, however, the contemporary choreography communicates through a more abstract design where people feel joy when surrounded by those they love.

The universal appeal of George Gershwin’s music comes vibrantly alive in our high-flying, flare-filled lindy hop Fling, Flang, Flung.

Influences from the American Deep South resonate throughout Hambone, a light-hearted twist on rhythm, as couples compete in a delightfully tricky and playful encounter.

10-WHEN WE ENCOUNTER 02Spatial relationships and captivating syncopation reach a new level in Tap, in which the shifting of weight from one direction to the other, and the contrasting of softer tones against the louder sounds, givesgive way to more subtle and refined encounters.

Light, beauty and truth are encountered and reflected in Heart Line, a technically challenging contemporary dance by European master Ihsan Rustem.

We end our journey with When We Encounter, a beautifully choreographed piece reflecting the fascination, confusion, and joy of discovering differences and commonalities as East meets West.

Just as the ripples in a quiet pond move out from the slight touch of a hand, change shape, and shift direction as they meet with other objects in the water, may our lives shift, transform, or be reborn by having encountered each other in tonight’s performance. Thanks for this opportunity to share. We know our hearts will be changed forever by tonight’s encounter.


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10-WHEN WE ENCOUNTER 02共鸣于美国南方的文化,“挑剔”这个作品,以幽默和欢快的节奏,把伴侣们在竞争中既要坚持自我,又要与自己另一半密切配合的挑战情景表现的淋漓尽致。

密切的空间关系和极富感染力的切分音在“踢踏重量级”的作品中达到了一个新的水平。从一个方向到另一个方向的重量转移,从响亮的音色中找到柔和的色调,使得相遇显得更加微妙和精致。希望,美好和真理在欧洲当代编导大师伊杉。华思特充满技术挑战的舞蹈作品“心线”中相遇并得到恰当的演绎 。



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