• Applicant Information

  • Continuing major scholarship

  • Minimum Requirements

    All scholarship recipients must adhere to the following requirements:

    1. Be an approved dance major at BYU
    2. Be a continuing student at Brigham Young University in good academic standing
    3. Take a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester

  • *Additional requirements for Mabel Smith Hanks Scholarship:
    1. Female
    2. Married
    3. A Senior in the 2018-19 academic year
    4. Dance Education Major
    5. Able to demonstrate financial need
    6. Cumulative GPA of 2.85 or higher

  • Scholarship Selection Criteria

    Complete the information listed below:
  • No files larger than 256 MB allowed.

  • Dance Activities

    Complete the following infomation regarding dance activities for the 2017-18 academic school year. Be sure to include future activities that are planned for this current semester.
  • Please list title and level of participation in choreographic works not affiliated with BYU performing companies, dancEnsemble or Kinnect (Please include Senior projects/Faculty works/Personal choreographic works etc . . .)
  • List and describe evidences of leadership in dance at BYU not related to paid positions or to BYU performing companies (during the 2017-18 academic year)
  • Please list participation in dance activities not related to BYU performing groups such as competitions, workshops, presentations at conferences, etc.
  • Please list dance events, on and off BYU campus, that you have attended during the 2017-18 academic year. (Dance in Design, SDEO, Summer Intensives, other BYU dance group performances, etc.)
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