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Ballroom Dance students prepare for professional teaching, competition and performing careers. With an acclaimed medalist program providing regular adjudication by national and international judge and as an accredited dance major, the ballroom emphasis allows students to receive beginning through advanced training in American and International styles of Standard Ballroom and Latin American Dance. With more than 4,000 students enrolling in ballroom dance classes each year, this university program is the largest of its kind.

Students have several on-campus opportunities for performance, including the BYU and United States DanceSport Championships and the annual Ballroom in Concert.

The BYU Ballroom Dance Company tours nationally and internationally and has traveled throughout Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, the South Pacific, Australia, and to the Far East, entertaining audiences of all ages. The company is the undefeated U.S. Formation Champion and has won the prestigious British Formation Championships numerous times.

All courses offered in the Ballroom program are open to dance majors and non-dance majors. A ballroom minor is also available (16 credits).

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Auditions for admittance into the dance major are held during fall and winter semesters every year.

Awards & Grants

There are many scholarship opportunities for students at BYU. In addition to scholarships funded by the university, the Department of Dance has a broad range of scholarships available. These scholarships range from those that are academically based to those that are merit based, with others based on a combination of academic achievement and talent in dance.

The BYU incoming freshman and transfer student scholarships are intended to encourage new students with superior talents. The application process consists of a written application and an audition. Awards are presented on the basis of demonstrated dance talent and auditions are usually held during fall semester. In addition to scholarships for incoming freshmen and transfer students, there are a number of scholarships for continuing students to support dancers as they progress through the program.

For more information about scholarships, please call 801-422-5086 or email


Social Dance
International Latin
Theory and Notation of Ballroom Dance, International
Theory and Notation of Ballroom Dance, International Latin
Preparation for Ballroom Dance Competitions

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