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Curt Holman, Artistic Director

Championship formation dancing, breath-taking lifts and spins—all performed in a seemingly endless stream of shimmering costumes—no one does it better than the Ballroom Dance Company. The first Americans ever to win the prestigious British Formation Championships—a feat they have repeated an unprecedented ten times—the dancers have also competed in the World Formation Championships and have consistently earned top honors in the United States National Formation Championships.

The company has toured with its variety showcase of Latin and international dance styles—including waltz, samba, foxtrot, and hustle—throughout Europe, the Middle East, the South Pacific, eastern Asia, and the United States. They have also performed as special guest artists at ballroom dance competitions in China, Ukraine, and Hungary. And always, no matter where they perform, the Ballroom Dance Company dazzles and delights.

They excel not just in formation maneuvers but in unison step-work that’s smooth as honey. Their partnering is seamless for swings and lifts.

– George Jackson, Washington Post

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In addition to its flagship Ballroom Dance Company, the ballroom division sponsors several preparatory ballroom companies that perform regularly at DanceSport and other local BYU dance events.


The first Thursday of Fall and Winter Semester (September and January).
7-10 PM
270/278 RB

Students try out for both the touring and non-touring companies in a single audition.

Students who audition for the Ballroom Dance Company must dance International or American-style waltz and cha-cha. If selected for the company, students must enroll in Dance 388R for team instruction. Other team commitments are also necessary.

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