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The World Dance program is the largest dance program of its kind in the United States and has been at BYU for over 55 years. It is the home to the International Folk Dance Ensemble and Living Legends performing groups. In addition to the two principal performing companies, the World Dance program supports preparatory dance ensembles that also perform in the community and at various BYU dance events.

In addition to mentored learning with expert faculty, students have the opportunity to interact with guest artists and scholars invited to campus from throughout the world to teach, choreograph and lecture.

All courses offered in the World Dance program are open to dance majors and non-dance majors. A World Dance Minor is available (16 credits).

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Each of the three world dance companies holds independent auditions.
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Awards & Grants

There are many scholarship opportunities for students at BYU. In addition to scholarships funded by the university, the Department of Dance has a broad range of scholarships available. These scholarships range from those that are academically based to those that are merit based, with others based on a combination of academic achievement and talent in dance.

The BYU incoming freshman and transfer student scholarships are intended to encourage new students with superior talents. The application process consists of a written application and an audition. Awards are presented on the basis of demonstrated dance talent. For more information, click here.

In addition to scholarships for incoming freshmen and transfer students, there are a number of scholarships for continuing students to support dancers as they progress through the program.

For more information about scholarships, please call 801-422-5086 or email


Country Western and Square Dance
World Dance Technique
Percussive Step Styles
Dance—A Reflection of Culture

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