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Behind the Photo: A Look at BYU Dance Photoshoot

Creativity, hard work and a couple of miracles result in a unique dance poster 

BYU photographer Nate Edwards had a problem. At the last minute, he was asked to take another photographer’s place and head the publicity photoshoot for the International Folk Dance Ensemble’s annual Christmas Around the World concert.

The concert’s 2019 theme —- A Light in the Window — was meant to reference the warm and welcoming lights that beckon a weary traveler at the end of their journey. But the photoshoot was scheduled for mid-day.  

That made me a little nervous,” said Edwards. “How would I get what they were wanting and expecting?”

Christmas Around the World Photoshoot

BYU Photographer Nate Edwards on the set of the Christmas Around the World photoshoot. (Claire Gentry)

“Part of me was not extremely excited to walk into a situation I had not been involved in,” continued Edwards. “I am the type of person who likes to go into a situation well prepared — having been involved in the planning process so I know what to expect. I like to have time to pre-visualize the end product to figure out how I will approach the situation.”

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