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Students from the Department of Dance travel internationally to gain real-world experience and share their talents while studying abroad, competing, performing and interning

Each year, students in the Department of Dance take the knowledge and skills they have learned in the classroom and make their mark on their local and global communities. From New York to Europe, these students are having inspiring learning opportunities all over the globe.

Read more about how students from the Department of Dance answered President Kevin J. Worthen’s call for inspired learning during summer 2019.

Theatre Ballet

(Courtesy of Ryan Hatch and @byutheatreballet)

BYU Theatre Ballet students spent a week in Spokane, Washington at a ballet conference participating in masterclasses, working with professionals and networking. Some dancers even received scholarships to attend other workshops and conferences.

“Going to Regional Dance America allowed me to network with some of the best ballet teachers in the country,” said Ryan Hatch, one of the touring students. 

After the conference, the group went on to perform throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

Ballroom Dance Company

(Courtesy of @byuballroom and Landon Anderson)

The BYU Ballroom Dance Company toured several European countries and won the British Latin Formation Championships while competing in Blackpool, England. 

“What a blessing it was to win the British Formation Championship at the Blackpool Dance Festival! I am so thankful to my teammates, coaches, choreographers and to our Father in Heaven for this talent we have of dance,” said Landon Anderson.

Contemporary Dance in Europe Study Abroad

(Courtesy of Kiersten Robertson, and McCall McClellan)

BYU dance students traveled to Europe on the Contemporary Dance in Europe study abroad to attend several large dance festivals, take masterclasses and learn more about the history of contemporary dance, which originated in Europe. 

Additionally, the Contemporary Dance Theatre (CDT) company will compete for the Grand Prix title in Prague. CDT previously won the Grand Prix title in 2015. They will be showcasing choreography from guests, faculty and students for the European judges and other festival participants from over 14 countries.

NYU Summer Dance Residency

(Courtesy of Mallory Pruitt)

This summer, dance major Mallory Pruitt traveled across the country to participate in the New York University Summer Dance Residency. Pruitt worked with acclaimed dancers from the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company and internationally renowned choreographers David Dorfman and Ephrat Asherie for over three weeks.

The NYU Summer Dance Residency not only allowed Pruitt to see how another collegiate dance program worked but helped her learn more about dance education and added to the knowledge she’s already gained at BYU. 

“I have rediscovered dance in a more metaphysical and spiritual way” said Pruitt. “College has taught me to dance with my soul and my heart — as well as my body and my brain. It has shown me how the arts can help unify, edify and uplift us and all those around us.”

Martha Graham Dance Intensive in New York

(Courtesy of Veronica Scheuermann and Lindsay Chinain)

BYU dance students Veronica Scheuermann and Lindsay Chinain attended a three-week long summer dance intensive in New York at the Martha Graham School. Martha Graham is considered to be one of the greatest artists of the 20th century and the intensives at the school focus on helping dancers progress quickly in the Martha Graham Technique. 

“This intensive helped open my eyes to the life of a professional dancer. I learned so much about the importance of personal motivation, artistry and strength,” said Scheuerman. “I am very thankful to both BYU Dance’s Experiential Learning Funds and CFAC’s Oscarson Discovery Grant for helping to fund this incredible experience!”

Stockton Folk Dance Camp

(Courtesy of Lindsay Chinain, Lindsey Christensen and Emma Lou Giauque)

Members of the BYU International Folk Dance Ensemble traveled to Stockton, California for a week of learning and performing traditional folk dances from around the world. For over 70 years, folk dance enthusiasts have gathered at the Stockton Folk Dance Camp at the University of the Pacific to learn from featured international guests.

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity I had this week to learn dances from all around the world from the amazing instructors at Stockton Folk Dance Camp,” said Emma Loumay. “Most of all, I’m grateful for the friends I have made along the way. They inspire and push me to become the best I can be.”

Oklahoma City Ballet Intensive

(Courtesy of Brynn Lewis and Chelsie Sherwood)

Theatre ballet students Brynn Lewis and Chelsie Sherwood traveled to Oklahoma City for a six-week ballet intensive with the Oklahoma City Ballet. Taking the knowledge and skills they have learned at BYU and throughout a lifetime of dedication to the art, Lewis and Sherwood auditioned for the program and were accepted. 

In Oklahoma, they were immersed in an exhaustive professional training program. Classes on ballet, pointe, variations, partnering, jazz and more are taught by guest artists and Oklahoma City Ballet instructors. 

Ti Ti Tabor Hungarian Folk Dance Camp

(Courtesy of McCall McClellan)

This summer, dance students McCall McClellan and Ashley Paget traveled to Washington to attend the Ti Ti Tabor Hungarian Folk Dance Camp. McClellan and Paget were able to improve their technique in Hungarian folk dancing, which they began learning during a class offered on BYU campus. 

“The opportunity to dance with more experienced partners and live musicians was incredible. This community of Hungarian dancers and musicians were passionate about their culture,” said Paget. “They loved what they were doing — always wanted to help and teach us as newcomers.”

Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet Teacher Training

(Courtesy of Ryan Hatch)

This summer, dance student Ryan Hatch participated in a teacher training program at the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet School and Company (CPYB). This school is known for their unique style of teaching ballet and has been known to produce highly-talented ballet dancers. 

“I was really excited to participate in the CPYB teacher training because it has such a unique philosophy on teaching ballet,” said Hatch. “They believe that anybody can be a ballet dancer — as long as they put in the work and have the necessary training.”

Hatch walked away from this experience as a more confident dancer and teacher, which will help him to inspire future ballet dancers throughout his career.

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