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BYU Ballroom Dance Company Wraps up Tour with sold-out Performances

The BYU Ballroom Dance Company wrapped up its final week of tour with a sold-out performance in London’s Mermaid Theatre. It was a fitting way to end a tour that attracted community members, religious leaders, and VIPs alike, including the Baroness of Winterbourne, the Ambassador of Honduras, and several members of Parliament. Having performed nearly every night for the past two weeks, the group now returns to campus for some well-deserved rest and recovery – proudly returning with their championship trophies from Blackpool.

This week the team traveled to Wales and Southern England. Highlights include:

  • Partnered with the Church of England in a service project called “billion graves.” For this activity, BYU students took over 1,000 photos of deteriorating headstones at a local Anglican Church in order to collect and preserve the records of persons buried there.
  • Performed in cities where several members of the group trace their family history from: Leicester, Cardiff, Bath, Cambridge, and London.
  • Raised funds in 11 of the 12 performances to donate to local charities. This week, one of the beneficiaries was the Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff, Wales. Prior to the performance, members of the team were able to visit the Centre, where they danced and interacted with patients.
  • Visited two of the most ancient historical sites in England: the Roman Baths (which date back to 60-70 AD) and Stonehenge (constructed from 3000 BC to 2000 BC).