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A cast of five teams including 160 dancers will perform in BYU Ballroom Dance Company’s 2014 concert, “Light Up The Night,” April 11–12 at the Marriott Center.

BYU’s Ballroom Dance Company is known for its precise timing, flawless technique, expressive choreography and vibrant costumes. This year’s concert holds strong to that reputation with costumes that actually light up and others that glow in the dark.

“The opening number is our competition number from the British championships,” said ballroom director Lee Wakefield. “These dresses are amazing. They have lights that flow in sync with each other and with the music, so literally we will be ‘lighting up’ the Marriott Center.”

Wakefield said the concert is exciting and usually leaves audiences surprised, and attendees don’t have to be extremely artistic to understand and enjoy this concert to a full extent.

“It’s a form of entertainment that has proven to be very appealing to a general audience,” Wakefield said. “I don’t think people always assume they will be entertained by a dance concert, but this concert is fun and energetic and meant to entertain everyone, artistic or not.”

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