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The appeal to spread the gospel has been heard by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints far and wide, yet perhaps one of the most creative groups to answer the prophets’ call is BYU’s Living Legends.

This week, Living Legends will perform the appropriately titled show, “Seasons,” which portrays the phases of civilizations and our personal lives.

Composed of 36 dancers and assisted by a talented stage crew and artistic director, Living Legends has been to 42 countries while presenting in impressive venues, including the opening ceremonies of the 2002 Winter Olympics.

“It changes lives,” said Shauna Kalua’u, support, operation and audition coordinator for BYU’s music dance and theater department.

Led by artistic director Janielle Christensen, the group was created to show the story of the Book of Mormon through the eyes of the Lamanite cultures, Native Americans, Polynesians and Latin Americans.

“As a group, it is unique in all the world. There are not any other groups that combine all three of these cultures,” said Christensen, who has been artistic director for the last 24 years. ”When we create a show that is that important with so many sacred elements to it, you have to be careful to portray them in the most respectful, authentic and honest way you can.”

Living Legends’ ability to build bridges of friendship and understanding is instrumental in moving the message of the gospel forward, according to Christensen.

“We aren’t proselyting missionaries, but we feel that we are definitely instruments in the Lord’s hands,” said Kaisha Alailima, Polynesian section leader. ”(Living Legends) has given me more opportunities to open myself up to doing missionary work. It has helped me grow spiritually and be able to expand myself and share what I believe is true.”

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