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Register for the November 14th – Preview Day and/or the November 15th – high school senior and transfer student major and scholarship audition. The application deadline is November 7, 2014.

World Dance

All High School seniors and incoming transfer students interested in auditioning for a World Dance scholarship please see the audition information below. Auditions for World Dance are by video only. Follow the guidelines in the Audition by Video section.

Auditions for admittance into the Dance Major are held two times per year. Incoming freshman and transfer students audition during fall semester. Currently enrolled BYU students audition during winter semester. Winter semester audition format and procedure information is outlined below.


Auditionees should be prepared to learn a sequence from each of the four genres, Ballet, Ballroom, Contemporary, and World. You will choose which of these styles you want to perform for the audition. You will be observed during class portion of audition. Strong foundational technique is required for approval. They should also be prepared to perform a one-minute solo if called back.

Class Structure
  • Barre warm-up and alignment
  • Center floor adagio – balance and dynamic contrast
  • Core-distal and weight shift
  • Rhythmic footwork and jumps
  • Locomotor – travel through space
  • Audition class sequence review
  • Showings of one self-selected sequence in small groups
  • Break for preliminary decisions
  • BYU standard leotard or form-fitting dance attire
  • Dance pants or tights (footless convertible)
  • Hair off forehead and face –women – low bun
  • Appropriate shoes for solo
  • For audition class shoes with hard heel required, bare feet or soft-soled dance shoes optional (i.e. ballet shoes, jazz shoes)
Criteria and Determining Factors
  • Alignment –torso, legs, feet, rotation etc.
  • Strength – core/distal, power, control, endurance, weight shift
  • Flexibility – full kinesphere access including: spine/torso, legs, feet etc.
  • Articulation – reproduce movement with accuracy and precision
  • Musicality – rhythmic clarity, accuracy and phrasing
  • Dynamic Range – sensitivity to energy, dynamics and force
  • Kinesthetic Awareness – coordination, balance, total body connectivity, spatial awareness
  • Ability to assimilate and reproduce given material
  • Performance Quality – appropriate expressiveness
  • Creativity – spontaneous and apt movement invention on a given idea

Students are admitted based on demonstrated proficiency of the criteria and determining factors. The audition will be conducted and judged by full time dance faculty.

After the audition class(es), deliberations by the faculty will determine which students will be asked to come back to perform their solos and possibly repeat a sequence from the audition class.

Preliminary Results

Three lists will be posted outside the dance office, 294 RB, and 185 RB one hour after the second audition class ends. Check to see that your name or audition number appears on one of the following lists:

  1. “Welcome to the Dance Major”
    • Please place your audition number on the designated table. You have been selected and will not need to do a solo. Dance Education Major applicants will all do a solo
  2. “Call Back”
    • Plan to return at the designated time ready to present your solo.
    • Should you be on this list, be prepared with a one-minute solo in a style that shows your strength
    • (Bring music on iPod or CD – track one. No costumes.)
  3. “Thank You for Auditioning”
    • Numbers only will be posted on this list. Your number on this list means you did not make the first cut at this audition. Please place your audition number on the designated table. You will not return to show your solo.

It is the student’s responsibility to check the “Call Back” list and know when to return to the audition room. Only those whose names/numbers appear on the “Call Back” list will need to perform their one-minute solos in the order listed.

If you do not return to show your solo you will forfeit your audition.

If your name does not appear on the “Call Back” list you will not show your solo.

Final Results

Final results will be emailed to all applicants within two weeks of the audition and posted on the Dance Office Door.


When you audition, we like to make it as relaxed as possible for you.
Facing a group of faculty can be very intimidating, but please remember WE WANT YOU TO DO YOUR BEST! We like to see talent! If you are called back to show your solo, please come prepared with your music ready (iPod or CD’s only – if CD please put your music on track 1). The floor on which you will be auditioning is a surface well suited for all types of dancing, so you need not worry about slipping if you decide to perform on pointe for your audition. But no costumes, please.

Students often worry about how to get audition material together and whose choreography they can use. It is appropriate to choreograph your own audition material, or you might look to your dance teacher for help in this area. Plan to introduce yourself immediately prior to your solo and tell us who choreographed your piece. After you perform your solo – take off your audition number and leave it on the designated table.

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